Barcelona in January

Are you planning on going to the capital of Catalonia in the middle of winter? For those who want to walk around museums and

Barcelona in February

In many countries of the world February is considered the coldest month of the year. But not in Spain. In February,

Barcelona in March

March is the first month of spring. It is with the arrival of March the sun is starting to come out more and more often, the

Barcelona in April

April is not only the greenest and also most blossoming month of the year. The capital of Catalonia is one of the ten

Barcelona in May

May is the warmest of the spring months, and those who decide to spend May in Barcelona will never regret it. Kilometers of

Barcelona in June

June - one of the sunniest and warm months in a year, and also most suitable for holidays in Barcelona. Exactly at this time

Barcelona in July

Do you like the scorching sun, the white sand and the azure sea? Then you just have to go to Barcelona in July, the sunniest

Barcelona in August

Barcelona in August is an island of warmth, peace and relaxation, and as a consequence, every tourist wants to fly to

Barcelona in September

The warm sea, bright sunshine and football season attracts tourists in the first month of autumn. Frankly speaking, the best

Barcelona in October

Calm is what can surprise a Barcelona tourist in October. The swimming season is finally closed, crowds of visitors