Barcelona in July


Do you like the scorching sun, the white sand and the azure sea? Then you just have to go to Barcelona in July, the sunniest and hottest month of the year. However, holidaymakers should be more careful: if you walk carelessly during peak hours, you can easily get burns or sunstrokes.

Barcelona in July: What to do for a tourist?

The heat of the day is no reason to give up the beach. On the coast is often cooler than on the streets of the city, however, and there the temperature in the shade rarely falls below the mark of 30 degrees. Bathing season in July in Barcelona is active only in the morning and evening. Of course, you can visit the beaches during the day, but too long on them should not to be. The best choice is to book a room in a hotel located on the beach. Living 500 meters from the beach, you can walk to the beach at any time without risk of sunstroke. We recommend the Hesperia Barcelona del Mar. Proximity to the sea and affordable prices attract many tourists, and many of those who have already stayed in this hotel, are happy to leave positive feedback about it at the booking. And thanks to our website, you can book a room at Hesperia Barcelona del Mar much cheaper.

The beaches are undoubtedly the main pride of the capital of Catalonia, but it should not be forgotten that Barcelona is beautiful at any time of year, even when the swimming season is officially closed. Great maestros such as Antonio Gaudi have perpetuated the glory of Spain’s second largest metropolis forever. Houses, parks, cathedrals – in Barcelona can you consider not only individual places of interest, but even entire neighborhoods!

Another option for summer fun is to get to know Barcelona’s nightlife in July 2019. Nightclubs, bars and pubs will gladly meet new clients and you will get unforgettable emotions from this kind of pastime.

Barcelona in July: how to dress for the weather?

You don’t have to think for a long time to get dressed in a fashionable and comfortable way. The temperature in Barcelona in July is high, and exceeds 30 degrees in the shade. Naturally, it is even hotter in the sun, so you should dress easily and practically. Enough will be a pair of shorts, T-shirts, and light (preferably mesh) shoes.

Another mandatory attribute of every Spanish in the summer are dark glasses. Bright sunshine blind the eyes, so go outside without them is highly discouraged. And tourists should also think about how to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. On vacation, it is best to bring a hat and a thin jacket with long sleeves, so as not to get burned.

The weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in July: festivals and entertainment

In fact, only one July festival in Barcelona deserves the attention of every tourist. We will consider it right now.

Grec de Barcelona Festival

In addition to its undisputed value for the capital of Catalonia, Festival Grec de Barcelona is a significant event for the whole of Spain. It begins its history in 1976, and is celebrated by Spaniards every year to this day. It was born at a time when art-prone Catalans had exhausted their fantasy and appointed a special competition on Mount Montjuic where artists, musicians, singers and representatives of other original genres competed. Even now, the process of celebration has not changed: all the same Monjuic gather talented people from all over Spain, performing in front of the applauding public.

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