Barcelona in March


March is the first month of spring. It is with the arrival of March the sun is starting to come out more and more often, the air temperature is getting higher, and in general, it is becoming more pleasant to go outside. The capital of Catalonia was no exception. Barcelona in March is a city where tourists from all over the world come to visit the colorful holidays or surf.

Barcelona in March: what can a tourist do?

The temperature in Barcelona in March is not much higher than in February. At the beginning of the month the difference is about 2 degrees Celsius, and by the end of the month it reaches 8 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the sea is equal to the air, and is about 15-18 degrees Celsius. Of course, it is still cool to swim in such weather, but the beaches offer an alternative entertainment – surfing.

This kind of sport has long been one of the leading places in the resorts of Barcelona. The sea is relatively warm, and there are no ubiquitous tourists occupying every inch of the water surface. And if you decide to come here for surfing, we recommend you to look at the following hotels: W Barcelona and Arts Barcelona. They are a couple of minutes away from the sea, and many surfers, coming for a ride on a board, are accommodated in there. Reviews can be found on the By the way, thanks to our website you can easily book a hotel room with a huge discount right now!

Of course, in addition to surfing, there are plenty of activities to choose from, such as sightseeing, which the city has a great deal to offer. The period from October to May is the cheap season. Tickets are much cheaper at this time, and children can go almost anywhere for free.

Barcelona in March: is it worth taking warm clothes?

The temperature in Barcelona in March is still not as high as we would like it to be. Even though it’s comparatively warm (18 degrees on average), the capital of Catalonia often has cool winds from the north in spring. A pair of sweaters, or jacket at this time of year will definitely come in handy in your suitcase. But fur coats and down coats will be superfluous in Spain, even in mid-winter, not to mention the beginning of spring.

Don’t forget your sunglasses! Although the locals call the weather in Barcelona rainy in March, the sun shines for most of the month and in the daytime there is almost nowhere to go from its bright rays. Speaking of rains, it takes 5-7 days a month, so an umbrella should also be grabbed.

Weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in March: festivals and entertainment

Unfortunately, the most grandiose holidays took place in winter, and in the first month of spring the city is resting before the April amusements. But even this calm time  is violated by various festivals. For example, on March 3rd there is an event which is loved by sweet people: the Sant Medir Festival.

It is a rather funny sight: tons of sweets fly in all directions from a wagon with sweets along a certain route. The locals have a very interesting tradition: coming to this festival with an umbrella. They are mostly protected from candy flying from the sky, but somebody uses it differently: if you turn over the umbrella, it turns out to be very spacious!

On March 24th, 25th and 26th, a brewing festival is held in the metropolis, which was recognized as the best in the south of Europe. There are more than 300 different beers, from light to dark. All this beer is made within Spain, and the whole city is proud of local masters.

Do not forget about shopping in Barcelona in March. Of course, you won’t see any more February out- sales, but new collections appear on the shelves of Spanish boutiques in the middle of the month.

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