Barcelona’s main “must see”, as well as protected areas not given to the millions of tourists, where there is a real Barcelona life. A guide to Barcelona’s famous attractions with the most detailed descriptions and unique features.

Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s famous temple in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia is a temple with an interesting history and a tragic fate. It attracts attention at least that it does not

The Vicens House is Gaudi’s first mansion in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia owes its tourist attractiveness to the great architect Antonio Gaudi. Suffice it to say that of the

The Mila House is an unusual building without corners

Casa Mila is a residential house built in 1906-10 in the capital of Catalonia, designed by Antonio Gaudi. The Mila House in

The Calvet House – a “simple” creation by Antonio Gaudi

Situated in the Catalan capital, the Calvet House (Casa Calvet) is a historic building, an architectural monument. The

The Columbus Monument and viewing platform

Walking along the Rambla street to the sea, you get to the Plaça Portal de la pau, it is round in shape, in the center of

Plaça de Catalunya – a popular place in Barcelona

Barcelona's central square, Plaça de Catalunya, is an adornment of the city, with two parts of the city - old and new. Due

Famous buildings by Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona: detailed information

Antonio Gaudi is one of the greatest Spanish architects. The main period of his life he spent in Barcelona, so it is not

The Arc de Triomf is a famous architectural monument in Barcelona

Many cities were decorated with triumphal arches, symbolizing a certain significant event for the country. Barcelona was no

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

How to bypass the greatest and most powerful legacy of the Middle Ages? The Gothic style, with a special, Catalan touch,

Camp Nou – the legendary FC Barcelona Stadium

For most football fans, Barcelona is associated primarily with a unique club. Many fans visit this city for one purpose - to