The Arc de Triomf is a famous architectural monument in Barcelona


Many cities were decorated with triumphal arches, symbolizing a certain significant event for the country. Barcelona was no exception. By the time the World Exposition was opened in the capital of Catalonia, the authorities had constructed a triumphal arch, which became the main entrance to the event, held in 1888.

All sightseeing tours in this famous city of Spain include a visit to the Arc de Triomf. Even a cursory glance in its direction instantly determines why it has become so popular.

The history of creation

The city authorities began to change the appearance of the city sightseeing – the Citadel Park. It was planned to hold the main exhibition events on its territory. It was decided to equip this area in the style of English designers, having equipped it with new constructions:

  • the gorgeous fountains;
  • a pompous obelisk;
  • the decorative lighting fixtures;
  • the triumphal arch.

The arch was built at the intersection of Barcelona’s boulevards. Its height reaches 30 meters with a width of almost 28 meters.

Design of the arch

The building was designed by architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas. He used red bricks in the building, replacing the traditional marble or granite for such structures. The arch is decorated with neo-mudacher style, which was extremely popular in Spain at that time. The combination of red brick and carved frieze, which frames the monument, made the arch an unusually attractive attraction of the city.

The building is decorated with several sculptural and bas-relief compositions:

  • the main facade is crowned with a sculpture called ” Barcelona welcomes the nations ” in the form of a frieze by Joseph Reynes;
  • the back of the monument belongs to the sculptor Joseph Leamon;
  • the side edges of the pompous entrance to the exhibition are decorated with bas-reliefs from Antoni Vilanova and Torkata Tasso.

It is difficult to see all the details of the monument without binoculars. But even without optics each element, including the provincial coats of arms on the arcs of the facade and the state symbol in the center of the composition, can be seen quite well. On the sides of the Spanish coat of arms there are four original turrets. Their windows are crowned with a crown.

On the main facade there is a sculpture symbolizing the greetings of the nations from Barcelona. The opposite side is decorated with a sculptural group called “Reward”.

Although the arch is not marked by any significant record achievements, it is exclusive, completely unlike other similar buildings.

The location of the arch

The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona is located on the avenue called Pg. Lluís Companys, next to the main town square. It is logical to combine sightseeing with a visit to the Citadel Park. There is also the parliament of Catalonia and the castle of three dragons.

How to get there?

You should use the metro or train to reach the station called Arc de Triomf. The Citadel Park is also reached by buses on the following routes: 19 and 39, 40 and 41, 42 and 51 or 55.

If public transport is too crowded, we recommend using a taxi service. These cars are black&yellow, all equipped with counters. You have to pay the fare by taximeter. The most economical option is to hire a taxi at a specially equipped parking lot. If you call a car to the address, the cost of travel is added to the cost of fuel spent on arrival to the client.

If you try to stop a taxi directly on the street, you have to pay an additional fee. Tourists can choose the best way to travel around the city, based on their financial and physical abilities, to visit the Arc de Triomf.

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