Camp Nou – the legendary FC Barcelona Stadium


For most football fans, Barcelona is associated primarily with a unique club. Many fans visit this city for one purpose – to see the world-famous stadium. It is famous for the fact that the only stadium in Europe has the status of five stars.

A brief history excursion

The history of the stadium is closely linked to the Barcelona team. In fact, the construction of the stadium started only thanks to these guys. They played so well that in the 20th century the audience was so many that the previous stadium could not accommodate them all.

Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona was reconstructed, which took four years. By the way, it is interesting that this architectural miracle was designed by a relative, namely a cousin of the president of the team. The opening was marked by a victory for FC Barcelona over the Polish team Legia 4:2, and the name of the one who scored the first goal in the history of the new field is deeply rooted in history.

The stadium was gradually increasing with the club, and already in 1982 it housed about 120,000 people. But as time went by, the demands became stricter. The stadium had to be reconstructed again. To date, the characteristics are as follows: the height of the stadium Camp Nou – 48 meters, the capacity of Camp Nou after reconstruction – 98 thousand people.

Stadium as a landmark

Even those who aren’t connected to football are eager to see the object of admiration of millions. Especially for such people there are excursions to Camp Nou. Barcelona (or rather her government) personally makes sure that they are conducted regularly and are as informative as possible. After all, FC Barcelona  is the personal pride of all Catalans, without exception.

The best way to get to Camp Nou is by taxi, but if you want to save money, you should use public transport. Within walking distance there are bus stops and Badal and Maria Cristina metro station.

The taxi driver should be given the address, the stadium is located on 12 Aristides Maillol Street.

The official website of Camp Nou

The location of Camp Nou Stadium

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