Barcelona in April


April is not only the greenest and also most blossoming month of the year. The capital of Catalonia is one of the ten greenest cities in Spain. Visitors coming to Barcelona in April will definitely remember the blossoming here and there mimosa, and green trees, that simply delight the eye.

Barcelona in April: what can a tourist do?

The beach bars are finished decorating for tourists’ arrival, new souvenir stalls are opened here and there, prices for tickets and hotel rooms are raised. But unfortunately, the weather in April in Barcelona is not as high as we would like it to be: despite the fact that the thermometer reaches 25 degrees during the day, the temperature drops too much at night (up to 16 degrees), so the water does not have time to warm up.

Despite the unsuitable temperature, the beaches are not empty: here and there you can see tourists taking sunbathing. Under the warm April light it is impossible to burn, and the dose of ultraviolet light per person is just right. However, it would be a mistake to assert that such a temperature lasts the whole month: towards the end, the water gets warm enough, and the first daredevils are already swimming in the sea.

You shouldn’t forget that besides the beach in the capital of Catalonia there are a lot of interesting things: local sights certainly are noteworthy. No tourist has ever left Barcelona without visiting the Gothic Quarter and the Old Town, and Gaudi’s famous houses are known to those who have not even been to Spain. By the way, not far from the most famous sights is the Sagrada Familia Hotel, named after the monumental creation of the great architect. It provides a truly luxurious service, and many tourists have already left their positive feedback on it on the And if you decide to book a room in this hotel, you should know – thanks to our website, you can get a discount of up to 50% when booking, as well as to cancel it for free if something goes against the initial plans.

Barcelona in April: is it worth taking warm clothes?

Definitely not. The air temperature in April in Barcelona is high enough not to freeze, so jackets and warm pants with boots can be safely left at home. But do not give up the sweater is not necessary: windy days are not gone, and without a jumper or sweatshirt can easily catch cold. You can walk in Barcelona in April in almost anything: from jeans and sweaters, and ending with a light T-shirt with shorts.

And, of course, there is nothing to do in the capital of Catalonia without sunglasses and a swimsuit: you will not be able to plunge into the pool, take a sunbathing bath or walk to the water park without these necessary elements.

Weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in April: the most significant events

Holidays in Barcelona in April can be counted on your fingers, but each of the holidays is truly grandiose. However, about everyone in order.

Holy Week

Spain is a Catholic country, so it is no surprise that it pays special attention to Easter. This holiday is celebrated one Sunday of the month and is preceded by a Holy Week. It especially important in Catalonia: the processions of Jesus Christ ascending Calvary are filled with greatness and a sense of elevation. In addition to solemn processions, there are masses in almost all churches at Easter.

23rd – Lovers’ Day for all Catalans

Spring in Barcelona is connected to the holiday of love. On April 23, the whole city is literally covered with roses and a romantic atmosphere is literally in the air. In April, Barcelona celebrates Sant Jordi. St. George’s Day is similar to Valentine’s Day. The stories are based on the legend of St. George, who defeated the dragon. He gave his beloved princess a red rose, which grew out of the dragon’s blood. This day has its own traditions, for example, young men receive books as a gift and girls receive a rose.

In short, April is the best month to make a romantic trip to Barcelona.

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