Barcelona in February


In many countries of the world February is considered the coldest month of the year. But not in Spain. In February, Barcelona would seem to have frozen in anticipation, because after a frosty winter, everybody craves the long-awaited warmth, in honor of which they organize a lot of festivals and events. In addition to these, numerous museums in the metropolitan area also operate in normal mode.

Barcelona in February: what can a tourist do?

Even if the sea is still cold and you can’t sunbathe on the beach, but a real tourist will always find something to do. For example, go to try the famous paella, which is cooked in every restaurant, and after a busy dinner, why not arrange a shopping trip? Barcelona in February arranges a lot of sales, because each store in a hurry to buy new spring brands.

Not only do shops reduce prices for their goods: almost every hotel in the city in winter reduces prices by almost 30%! And thanks to our site, you can book your favorite room instantly, at an even more favorable price. For those who love shopping, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Praktik Bakery Hotel, which is located right next to the city’s largest shopping mall and also provides freshly baked goods every morning. For more detailed tourist reviews of Praktik Bakery’s culinary masterpieces, visit

Sightseeing is also possible, as the capital of Catalonia has a large number of attractions to see. Only during the winter months, without being distracted by the beach or the sun, is it possible to see places like the Old Town and the Gothic Quarter. In the narrow streets there are a lot of unique buildings that the locals simply don’t pay attention to, because of their habits. Even after a short walk and a look at the local attractions, you will definitely return here again for a more detailed study. The HLG CityPark Pelayo Hotel is much more comfortable to explore the surrounding area, as the room is only a 10-minute walk to the centre. By the way, you can learn more about this hotel on the, where thousands of tourists have already posted their positive reviews.

Barcelona in February: is it worth taking warm clothes?

The temperature in Barcelona in February rarely falls below +9 degrees Celsius. Despite the relative warmth, a pair of jackets is still worth taking with you. The capital of Catalonia is a warm city, so there is no need for fur coats.

The weather in Barcelona in February is often rainy, so in addition to sweaters, you should also take an umbrella or some waterproof things. With our advice on how to collect a suitcase, you will definitely feel comfortable.

Weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in February: festivals and entertainment

February holidays are a piece of real, sincere fun. Carnivals, festivals, its abundance amazes imagination, but this time our attention will be paid only to the best of the best.

Honorable first place of the best February entertainments will be taken by the Carnival of Barranquilla. This is a grand show lasting 37 calendar days (from January 15 to February 21). It’s hard not to get to it, because at this time the whole capital of Catalonia is buzzing.

Another, no less worthy celebration is Festa de Santa Eulalia. However, it lasts much less than a carnival: only 2 days in the middle of the month, the 16th and 17th.

In addition, the locals have long considered the February sales a kind of holiday. Shops in every possible way to decorate, give gifts for shopping, and discounts on some goods reach up to 70%! For tourists do not buy something at such a price – the stupidest mistake, so we strongly recommend not to waste time, and if you came to Barcelona in February, immediately go shopping.

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