Barcelona in January


Are you planning on going to the capital of Catalonia in the middle of winter? For those who want to walk around museums and enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage sites that Barcelona is rich in, this is really the best time of year. In winter, hotel prices are low and tourists can relax longer.

What to do in Barcelona in January?

Although Barcelona’s January temperature has made it cool on the beach, tourists around the world can easily find something to do. You don’t have to suffer from the scorching sun to visit the sights or take a leisurely stroll through the city streets, do you? Go to the Gothic Quarter, see the famous masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi, walk to the Picasso Museum and in cool weather.

In winter, the capital of Catalonia not only has a lower temperature, but also lower prices. For example, the Catalonia Ramblas Hotel in Barcelona offers comfortable rooms with stunning discounts in January. You can use it by booking a hotel through our website, and read the reviews of tourists who stayed there more than once – on the

In addition to sightseeing, a great solution would be to go shopping in Barcelona in January. The best shopping malls are offering huge sell-outs, and if you decide to come just for shopping, take a look at the Sunotel Junior Hotel. It is located almost closely to the main shopping mall of the metropolis, and low prices and decent service just complete the picture of a pleasant stay.

Barcelona in January: briefly about the weather

Naturally, you should be prepared for the coolness of about ten degrees Celsius. In January, there are strong winds blowing from the north, so a light jacket will be useful. But do not overdo it: to take a fur coat, sheepskin or down coat will be a waste of space in suitcases.

The sea temperature is approximately equal to the air temperature, which is about 15 degrees Celsius. Whether such weather is comfortable for bathing is up to you to decide for yourself,but we advise you to take swimming suits – the swimming pools and water parks of the capital function at any time of year.

Weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in January: the most significant events

Barcelona in January is very rich for the festivities, but there are still two most significant ones. However, about everything in order.

Three Kings Day (Dia de los Reyes Magos)

This festivity is the most significant in Barcelona, it is sought after not only by tourists from all over the world, but also by Spaniards themselves. It is because of its spectacularity, bright colors and noisy fireworks, this event has gained its popularity.

Three wise men who are known as Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. According to the legend, they go out on the streets and give expensive gifts to children who meet on their way.

This festivity takes place on January 5.

De Cajon Festival

Some call this festival of flamenco no other than “a huge disco”. It’s hard to disagree with it, because in winter the most famous singers and musicians come to Barcelona on tour.

Days of flamenco are days of dancing and fun. None of the locals can refuse to dance enough, visitors and tourists, tired of clicking cameras, usually immediately join them.

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