Barcelona in June


June – one of the sunniest and warm months in a year, and also most suitable for holidays in Barcelona. Exactly at this time the capital of Catalonia is filled with various festivals and holidays. Both the local population and tourists of the whole world are in a hurry to enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere of fun and relaxation.

Barcelona in June: what to do for a tourist?

The beach… As much potential pleasure hides in this word. The azure sea, white sand, tall palm trees and warm sunshine can all be found on the coasts of Barcelona in June. The water temperature has already become warm enough to allow everyone to swim, and the rays of the sun do not yet burn out the tourists’ desire to appear on the streets.

That’s just along with the temperature, prices for hotels are also inexorably rising, and the available rooms in them are rapidly running out. To be able to book a room in the hotel you like, we recommend booking online. This is convenient, because you can cancel your reservation completely free of charge at any time, and reviews of any hotel you are interested in can be found on the booking. We recommend Ilunion Barcelona for beach holidays: it fully meets the needs of even the most picky guests, and differs from the rest by its affordable prices, which do not increase significantly even in a period of public excitement.

But in addition to the beach in Barcelona in June, there are plenty of places to spend time in. For example, sightseeing, shopping or exploring the city’s nightlife. By the way, there’s a great place near the H10 Madison hotel where the night flies by! And thanks to our website, you can book a room at this hotel (as well as many others) not only quickly, but also at a huge discount!

Barcelona in June: how to dress for the weather?

The temperature in Barcelona in June is so good and comfortable that the warmest thing in your suitcase will be a shirt with a long sleeve, or some kind of jacket. Something even warmer to take simply not necessary: not to walk on the beach, wrapped in a fur coat?

But the swimsuit and dark glasses are the obligatory attributes of any self-respecting tourist. Of course, you can buy them on the spot, in one of the boutiques located  there, but do not forget that prices for beach items in the summer rise throughout Spain.

The weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in June: festivals and entertainment

The loudest festivals of June are even declared official weekends for the whole of Catalonia. This is how it was when all the people living in the autonomy, in these dates, were devoted only to idleness and rest.

Pentecost and St.John’s Day are held in Barcelona on July 5 and 23-24, respectively. These are bright, lavish and noisy festivals, they are held with the use of a huge amount of pyrotechnics. On St.John’s Day, it is even pleasant to make fires, organize fire shows and parties on the beach. In short, these days will be forever remembered by anyone who has visited them.

June is rich in fun and entertainment, so it is not a mistake to assume that these two holidays are the only ones for the whole month. Not at all. The first 3 days of June in Barcelona are held the music festival Primavera Sound, and in the middle of the month, from the 9th to the 11th of the month – a motor-gran in the GP.

In short, for lovers of festivities and fun, June in Barcelona is almost as good as the festive winter months.

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