Barcelona in August


Barcelona in August is an island of warmth, peace and relaxation, and as a consequence, every tourist wants to fly to Barcelona this month. You can say even more: many of those who have come to rest in other Spanish cities, still want to get in one way or another in the last month of summer in the capital of Catalonia.

Barcelona in August: what can a tourist do?

Barcelona in August is first of all full of beaches, with queues and overwhelming heat during the day. Salvation from it can be found only in the sea, if, of course, you can get to it. The coasts are filled to the brim, and this is not a joke. To manage to take a place, you must either live near the sea, or know what beach to go to. If you like the first option, take a look at the Ilunion Barcelona. It is located almost by the sea, which allows you to take less of a headache on a walk to the water.

For those who want to save more than comfort, we’ll offer an alternative: take a ride on the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. These beaches, even at the peak of the season, are half-empty, although not much different from the leading resort areas in the city center. The hotel from which to reach them is Catalonia Roma. Beautiful facade, stylish design – these are only secondary reasons for choosing this hotel. The main criterion for tourists is the budget cost of booking rooms.

Holidays in Barcelona in August 2019 can’t be limited to the beaches, right? A bad tourist who has visited the capital of Catalonia, and did not appreciate the talent of the great architect Antonio Gaudi. The works of the maestro are chaotically located in the city, and most of them are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, it is difficult to get to the sights: kilometers of queues will not allow you to get to the masterpieces so easily. Of course, there is a fairly easy way out of this situation – ordering tickets online, but few visitors use this service.

Barcelona in August: how to dress for the weather?

Barcelona’s temperature in August 2019 is as high as ever: up to 35 degrees Celsius in the shade. That’s why it’s worth puzzling yourself with a simple question: how not to burn in the sun? Everyone has his own answer, someone takes a hat, someone – a shirt with a long sleeve, and someone enough sunglasses. Choose a wardrobe wisely: put away warm things, do not forget to collect light summer and comfortable clothes.

And of course, you can’t do without a swimsuit. Although the beaches are packed under the outset, but not to feel the sea, which is praised all over the world – just a crime.

The weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in August: festivals and entertainment

The weather in Barcelona in August is conducive to fun than ever before, and the locals know how to have it. Catalans have long been celebrating Festes de Gràcia, a special festival that lasts 7 days. The streets of Gràcia, where the fiesta takes place, are being transformed: the Catalans decorate the city, charging it with positivity and joy to anyone who has ever looked at this magnificence. However, it is impossible to walk around Gracia for a long time: fireworks and firecrackers bang every minute, which after half an hour start to irritate.

Another famous event of August is the opening of the football season. So, if you are an avid fan of FC Barcelona, go to the Camp Nou. There you will definitely find something to do.

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