Barcelona in October


Calm is what can surprise a Barcelona tourist in October. The swimming season is finally closed, crowds of visitors gradually disappear from the narrow streets of the metropolis, attractions and museums are waiting for new visitors. Barcelona in October is a place of peace and quiet that blends in with fun and joy.

Barcelona in October: what can a tourist do?

In fact, Barcelona in October 2019 is filled with the most interesting events and celebrations. Every tourist who arrives in the middle of autumn should get acquainted with them. However, read more about the events below.

Of course, all the fun in Barcelona doesn’t end with a couple of celebrations. Many shops have already prepared all their goods, and are in a hurry to sell them to outgoing tourists, often making quite large discounts. Shopping in Barcelona in October is another great way to spend your leisure time, however, in order to bypass all the shops and shopping centers it will take a lot of time. By the way, don’t forget to go to the Boqueria market, where you’ll find something to eat. And for those who want to spend most of their time shopping, we recommend staying at the B Hotel, which is located opposite the largest shopping mall in the metropolis – Las Arenas. Feedback from tourists at the booking only confirms the low cost of rooms, and thanks to our website you can save even more on booking!

The main thing for shoppers is not to plunge into shopping and not to forget about the sights. You may visit Barcelonetta, the houses of Casa Milla and Casa Batllo. It will take more than a day to see Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces alone. Of course, you should not dwell on the creations of one architect, the city contains a lot of different works of architecture, but to be in Barcelona and not to see the Cathedral of Sagrada Familia is just a crime.

Not only is the capital of Catalonia rich in architectural masterpieces, but those interested in painting must visit the Picasso Museum, and those who prefer live music must go to the jazz festival in Barcelona in October.

Barcelona in October: how to dress for the weather?

If we talk about the weather in Barcelona in two words in October, we can only say this: it is changeable. The sunny days are replaced by cloudy days, so don’t forget to bring your raincoat or umbrella.

Temperatures in Barcelona in October range from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (daytime) and 13 to 18 degrees Celsius (nighttime). Due to these significant changes, your wardrobe will need both jackets and jeans and shorts. Gathering in the capital of Catalonia in mid-autumn, be prepared for any weather changes.

The weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in October: festivals and entertainment

The middle of autumn is saturated with various holidays, as, however, in all other seasons.

The most important event is the National Day of Spain

Catalonians, like all Spaniards, are very reverent to their history, so it is not surprising that on October 12, almost the entire local population gathers in the city squares, arranging festivities, parades and processions. People have fun, because it is the 12th that is recognized as the birthday of Spain. Besides, the appearance of Christianity in the country was equalized also to this event, so that the National day of Spain has also religious value.

International Jazz Festival

It was Barcelona that was honored to host the Jazz Music Festival. For two months, the capital of Catalonia has been the focus of musicians of all  nationalities, one way or another related to jazz. Concert halls are filled to capacity, playing even in squares and alleys. In short, be prepared for jazz music to come from everywhere in Barcelona in October.

48 hours of architecture

This is the name of the next celebration, which takes place in Barcelona at the end of October. 2 days almost any building that is a landmark, absolutely free to launch into its doors all comers. We recommend that you use this watch wisely, because for the festival of architecture you can see and learn a lot of interesting details about the oldest buildings in Barcelona.

Cava Week

Cava Week is a celebration in honor of local wine at the beginning of the month. Although it is not held in the capital of Catalonia, but in another town (Sant Sadurni d’Anoia), 30 kilometers from the capital, every real wine appreciator should have a day to go to the Cava Week.

The most spectacular matches on Camp Nou

Football fans will not have to leave the metropolis, but their matches are held at the end of the month. The Spanish Cup is approaching the finals, and the best teams gather at Camp Nou, which, as a rule, include the strongest players who have become living legends of world football.

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