Barcelona in September


The warm sea, bright sunshine and football season attracts tourists in the first month of autumn. Frankly speaking, the best time to relax in the capital of Catalonia is difficult to find. Swimming season in Barcelona lasts until October, which gives all visitors the opportunity to enjoy a good beach holiday.

Barcelona in September: what to do for a tourist?

The weather in Barcelona in September disposes to absolutely any type of rest: as to walks on sightseeing, and to bathing in still warm sea. Undoubtedly, many tourists prefer to come to the capital of Catalonia just to sunbathe and swim. For them, we recommend the W Barcelona Hotel: it provides the best service and is located right on the coast. You can save money on booking a room on our website: permanent discounts and promotions on a particular room in the hotel will surely be to your liking. And if you are tempted by the price, don’t forget to read the hotel reviews at the bookings – it is often not only interesting, but also useful to read what the tourists who have already been there write about the hotel.

There is no doubt that the beach is not the only way to spend time. Shopping in Barcelona in September 2019 is another great way to spend time. The assortment of even the smallest shops and kiosks amaze the imagination, and the quantity of the goods presented in the main shopping centers of the city, is unbelievable.

Another option for leisure – sightseeing, which in the metropolis a great many. Especially popular in September are the singing fountains: epic shows, with fantastic musical accompaniment, are forever remembered by those who have ever been present at this extraordinary performance.

Barcelona in September: how to dress for the weather?

The temperature in Barcelona in September is acceptable: from 20 to 25 degrees, which allows you to take only light things with you. Bridges, shorts, T-shirts and T-shirts, various skirts and dresses will be useful.  It is worth considering one feature: at the end of September it usually rains (4-5 days, not more), so an umbrella will be necessary.

Nights at the end of the first month of autumn become cool, sometimes the air temperature in Barcelona in September drops to 17-18 degrees. If you tend to feel uncomfortable with these readings of the thermometer – grab a sweatshirt or a light jacket. It will not take a lot of space in the suitcase, but help not to ruin all the positive impressions of the vacation.

Weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in September: festivals and entertainment

In fact, September is a very rich month for the holidays, but there is no need to describe them all here. We will limit ourselves to a few of the most significant events for the people of Catalonia.

The National Day of Catalonia

What’s remarkable is that most of the September holidays are “local”. That is, they are celebrated only in Catalonia, not in the whole of Spain. The National Day of Catalonia is no exception. It is celebrated on the 11th and is a day off for the whole autonomy. This event is marked by rallies and processions, and each street is decorated with a national flag of Catalonia.

La Merce Festival

The La Merce festival only confirms the above rule: 25 September is a weekend only for Catalans. Barcelona itself is full of all sorts of entertainment during the celebrations (which last for 5 days, besides the weekend): tasting of local cuisine, traditional wines, a lot of sporting events, fantastic fireworks and fire shows.

The history of the festival goes back to ancient times: it was first celebrated in 1871, and since then not a single year in Catalonia has passed without a solemn event in honor of La Merce.

Football in Barcelona in September

It is impossible not to mention another September event – the Spanish Football Cup. Having visited Camp Nou Stadium, you can not only look at exciting matches and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of football passion, but also to see such legendary players as Messi or Suarez alive.

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