Barcelona in November


Barcelona in November is a calm before the storm. This month is the best month for those who want to experience the real life of the capital of Catalonia, rather than a fake farce, arranged every summer for tourists. Arriving in the metropolis in November is a great solution, suitable mainly for those who appreciate the real Spain.

Barcelona in November: what can a tourist do?

November is stingy for the events, and the beach has only surfers because of the low water temperature. But don’t despair – the capital of Catalonia will find something to surprise its tourists at any time of year.

The most important activity in Barcelona in October 2019 is sightseeing. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the nearby monuments, the legacy of the unforgettable Antonio Gaudi, as well as to head to Mount Montjuic, enjoying the city’s spectacular panoramic views.

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Barcelona in November: how to dress for the weather?

The weather in Barcelona in November is changeable, just like in October. Rains are replaced by the sun,  the sun is no longer scorching, but slightly warming the air. The average temperature in Barcelona in November is 18-20 degrees during the day, and from 12 to 16 at night. Packing a suitcase it is necessary to consider other important thing – sea wind. It is quite cool, and walking along the promenades and beaches, do not dispense without a coat or jacket.

In addition to relatively warm clothes, it is worth to grab an umbrella – the rains in November are infrequent, but you should not get wet under them either. If you don’t want to drag around the city with an umbrella, take a raincoat.

The weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in November: festivals and entertainment

Basically, the only celebration in Barcelona in November is Halloween. It takes place on the first day of the month and is considered a public celebration.

The local special menu for Halloween includes sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts. By the way, chestnuts can be enjoyed by anyone – they are fried and distributed right on the streets of the city from special setups.

In Plaza Catalunya at night there is a special party called the tourists: a coven. Spanish youth gut the Jack-o-lantern, and this spectacle fascinates anyone who has seen the rite for the first time.

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