Barcelona in December


Many tourists tend to think that Barcelona in December is boring and dull because of the fact that at the beach is cold. We assure you that it’s not true, and the first month of winter, spent in the capital of Catalonia, can give a lot of unforgettable experiences. After all, December is, first of all, New Year and Christmas.

Barcelona in December: what to do for a tourist?

Of course, to argue with the fact that at the beach is cool, do not dare even the most hardened tourist. However, some winter swimmers climb into the water, and if you decide to plunge into the water too – in Barcelona in December, the temperature of sea water is only 13 degrees Celsius. It’s pretty cool for daily bathing. If you like to swim, the Arts Barcelona Hotel is a must-see. It’s swimming pool meets the most modern requirements, and besides it, outside the room there is something to do. By the way, thanks to our website, you can almost in one click book a room at Arts Barcelona, and in case of drastic changes in plans as quickly as possible to cancel the reservation completely free of charge. Feedback from those who have already stayed at this hotel can be found at the

In Barcelona in December, the temperature is about 14-15 degrees Celsius, which has more to do with sightseeing than with beach holidays. However, if you look at them all, you can also pay attention to the coast. The main activity of tourists at sea in Barcelona 2019 is surfing. The water is warm enough not to catch cold, and the cold wind in the face only refreshes the fans of riding on the board.

Shoppers are sure to find something to do. In order not to look for shopping malls all over the city, we recommend you to stay at the Ginebra Hotel. From the comments on it is clear that the living conditions in it meet all the requirements of the modern people, and the price for the rooms is so democratic. By the way, thanks to our site, it can be lowered even more! Take advantage of our promotions, and save more than 30% of the cost at the hotel!

Barcelona in December: how to dress for the weather?

The weather in Barcelona in December is windy and cool, so when forming a wardrobe, you should consider the presence of warm things in it. Fur coats and down coats do not need to take, but the jacket and a pair of warm sweaters will be very useful.

Weather in Barcelona now

Barcelona in December: festivities and entertainment

December is one of the richest months of the festivities, and certainly the most significant among them is Christmas-a feast that is appreciated by absolutely all Spaniards.

Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas is celebrated by the Spaniards on December 25 and 26, and it is not common to hold violent festivities in the locals. Christmas is a family holiday, and all parties end before 09:00 p.m. local time, so that people can have a quiet dinner with their families. On the second day (26th), it is customary to say congratulations and give gifts.

Santa Lucia

The Santa Lucia Fair takes place on Christmas Eve, on Plaça Nova, in front of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. Those who take the time to visit this event will find pleasant surprises and a lot of positive emotions!

Buff Epic Run Barcelona

The Barcelona Race is a traditional New Year’s Eve funny show on Mount Montjuic. Everyone can take part in the only competition – the obstacle course. The only condition is the availability of a carnival costume, the rest of the details are not important.

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