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Excursion buses will help you get to know Barcelona quickly and discover all its attractions. Comfortable double-decker buses take tourists to the most interesting places of the capital of Catalonia, while saving time and not having to spend the same as for ordinary excursions. The upper area of the buses is open to the public and offers a comfortable way to explore the city and its surroundings, which are explained in 16 languages by audio guides.

Barcelona city tour

A sightseeing tour on this bus is ideal for many tourists, but it is especially important for certain categories of tourists:

  • for those who came to Barcelona for the first time. All routes are optimally laid out so that a person can simply sit down and enjoy the views of the most impressive and significant sights of the city. If you like a place during the excursion, you can stay there and explore it in more detail and then take the next one along the same route;
  • for pensioners. It is very convenient for the elderly to travel around the city. The staircase in the bus to the second floor is narrow and not everybody can overcome it, but taking into account that it is possible to stay on the ground floor and it is convenient to consider landscapes and ancient buildings from the window. A bus ride excludes long transitions from one station to another, which can happen when choosing a metro;
  • for families with small children. For young travelers, the Barcelona city tour offers discounts, with ticket prices lower than those for adults. On the second floor of the bus, a stroller with a child will be difficult to lift, but on the first floor there is a special observation deck for them and wheelchairs with disabilities;
  • for people with disabilities. Tourists who, because of their poor health, do not move well, can get on the bus with a chairlift and sit comfortably on their own site.

Some tourists first take bus tours to find out where to visit interesting places in Barcelona and then return to it on their own.

Barcelona bus touristic

Bus tours of Barcelona take place in three directions, which allow you to explore the southern part of the city, the northern part and the Fórum district. There are a total of 42 stops near the biggest attractions, such as monuments, basilicas, museums and other no less memorable architectural monuments. All three routes intersect each other and are marked in red, blue and green on the map, indicating the stops on each of the routes.

The Red Route

Buses start from the central part of the city – Plaça de Catalunya. There is a course through:

  • The city zoo;
  • Passeig de Gràcia;
  • Avinguda Diagonal;
  • Estacion de Sants railway station (with high-speed trains);
  • Plaça Espanya, home to the National Palace and the National Museum of Art;
  • Mount Montjuic (known as the Jewish one), with many attractions on its slopes. There are Joan Miró Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Olympic Stadium and the fortress. If you visit this fortress, its walls offer beautiful views of the sea port and the city itself;
  • Port Vell district, on the other side of the mountain, is home to the Barcelona Oceanarium and the Maremagnum entertainment complex.

After such long journey, the bus returns to its starting point.

The Green Route

Tourist buses in Barcelona begin their journey from the Olympic port. This port was erected specifically for the Olympic Games held in Spain in 1992, it is decorated with two twin towers. Taking on board all comers, the bus passes and stops at the following places:

  • Poblenou district attracts visitors with its modern parks, clean beaches and plenty of space for all holidaymakers;
  • Parc del Forum. Most of it is concreted, with solitary lawns and plantations, but it is interesting for its futuristic forms;
  • Museum of Sciences – Blau;
  • The most beautiful beaches of Barcelona.

The Blue Route

This branch of the bus starts in Plaça de Catalunya, covering sights such as:

  • Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • Passeig de Gràcia. It is home to many excellent shops and shopping malls for memorable shopping, as well as an architectural structure – “Profitable Casa Mila “
  • The Catholic temple of Sagrada Familia. It is still being rebuilt, and a bus rides around the church from all sides;
  • Park Güell, where is the symbol of Catalonia in the form of a mosaic lizard. It was created by the famous Antonio Gaudi;
  • Mount Tibidabo, where a funicular can take you to the top;
  • Camp Nou football stadium. This building is like a delight for football fans, if you are not lucky enough to get tickets to the match, you can see the football museum and the stadium. It is designed for 100 thousand spectators and is still the largest in Europe.

What is the convenience of a tourist bus?

You can buy a ticket once for two days on any Barcelona bus touristic route, but you can use it several times during this time. At all the stops provided by the tour, there is a consultant who can tell you where to take the other bus or where to go to the sightseeing to get an interesting photo.

Taking the bus around the city is easy, you can get off the bus at any bus stop you like, and stay longer to see the sights. Stops are often made, so do not worry those who suffer from motion sickness.

In front of each soft seat there is a device with an audio guide, free headphones and a map.

Schedule and tickets for excursion buses

City tours of Barcelona are available for 24 or 48 hours. The approximate cost of a one-day ticket is 30 euros, and a two-day ticket costs only 10 euros more. Tickets for children cost 16 and 21 euros respectively. If the child is under 4 years of age, the excursion bus is free of charge.

Excursion buses can be purchased from any tourist branch or information desk and are also available at the metro service point. If you use the latter method, you should know that there are such points at the following stations:

  • Diagonal;
  • Sagrada Familia;
  • Universitat;
  • Sagrada Familia.

Buying a ticket to the city tour you can get discounts on visits to architectural monuments and museums on any route, or take advantage of an auction offer. It is possible to save on the cost of visiting the favorite sights from 10 to 20%.

The Barcelona bus touristic buses start their excursion at 09:00 a.m. The buses run around the city all year round, but in winter (November-March) the last one leaves at 07:30 pm and in warm months at 08:00 pm. According to the schedule, buses are planned to move at intervals of 5-25 minutes. Choosing a bus tour in Barcelona you can relax and just enjoy the unrivalled scenery, not worrying about exhausting transports and walking to unfamiliar places.

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