How to get from Barcelona airport to the city centre


Barcelona is a city in Spain with one of the largest airports in the country. By the way, it is one of the ten largest airports in Europe and has two terminals. The first one, built recently, is created for international flights and cooperates with the largest airlines all over the world, and the second one is used nowadays exclusively for domestic flights. The airport El Prat is almost 15 kilometers away from the metropolis, but it is very easy to get to the city center.

The first option is by taxi

Taxis are a means of transportation for those who come to Barcelona for a real holiday. For a ride, drivers will take quite a lot, but it is the fastest and most comfortable way to the city center, because personal transport can take you to your hotel room without any problems and unnecessary fuss. You will have to pay about 30-35 euros, and the time on the way will take no more than 20 minutes.

In addition to its convenience, a taxi is perfect for families or large campaigns. A ride for four will cost around 5-6 euros per person, which can be cheaper than a bus ride.

Alternative wheeled transport –  bus

If you come alone, or simply want to save on unnecessary expenses – specially for you goes Airbus. It’s one of the buses to Barcelona, and it’s hard to confuse it with any other bus. The bright blue colouring and inscription “AeroBus” distinguish it from the crowd. On the way he spends the same 20 minutes as a taxi, and one ticket costs 5.90 euros. You can buy a ticket online.

The route passes near some of the most famous attractions of the city.

During the day and evening, in the summer, when there are many visitors, in line for the  ticket to travel will have to spend a lot of time. In order not to waste the cherished minutes in vain, you can use special sites, and make a purchase online.

If your budget is limited, or you are not used to wasting money, there are cheaper airbus analogues. Regular bus. It goes every 15-20 minutes, and stops a hundred meters to the left of the airbus.

Like most cities in the country, Barcelona has a T10 system. These are public transport passes. When buying a ticket from the driver, you will have to pay 2.15 euros, and a ticket for 10 trips costs 9.95. Thus, the cost of a one-way trip will be reduced by half, which cannot but please the thrifty tourist.  But for economy it will be necessary to pay time – it will take a little more than half an hour for the road.

The metro and trains in Barcelona

Any economy must have reasonable limits. Once you know about cheap public transport, don’t run to the bus stop right away. Do not forget that you can get to Barcelona by train.

The prices do not differ from those of wheeled vehicles, and for those who bought a T10, one ride will cost less than 1 euro. Moreover, the use of electric trains can save time. A one-way trip will take no more than 25 minutes.

The only difficulty is the location of the stop. Trains run only from T2, and if you arrive in another one, you should use the green shuttle bus running through the airport. Once you are at the correct terminal, you should go through the crossing and the railway station is in front of your eyes.

There is another, meaningless and costly way to get downtown. The metro. With the opening of a new, ninth line, the airport is finally connected to the city. The ride will cost 4.50 euros, and since the tickets are special, the T10 pass is not valid here. The way will take about forty minutes, which is the longest time you can spend on a trip. But if you are not constrained in money and time, and want to proudly state that you have seen everything in Barcelona – this option is for you.

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