Barcelona Sants Train Station


Barcelona Sants Train Station is the largest transportation hub, one of the largest in Barcelona. It is the starting point for long-distance and suburban trains, as well as for the metro.

Barcelona Train Station is a huge building where you can get lost. As it is also a metro station, there are always many people there. For better orientation, it is recommended to use the information from the scoreboard and signs.

About Barcelona Sants Train Station

Barcelona Sants is rightly recognized as one of the largest not only in Barcelona, but also in the country. It was named after the area where the building is located. Built in the 1970s, it has been repaired many times during its use. Huge areas of this place are not inferior to the airport.

That’s interesting! The building and most of the aboveground constructions are hotels. Here holidaymakers can wait for a transfer.

All the underground and part of the aboveground structures are the station itself with the platforms. In order to be able to receive high-speed trains here, in 2007-2008, communications and buildings were significantly expanded and modernized. Today it is possible to take a ticket to France from here, as well as for trains:

  • of local use – suburban. Cercanías;
  • regional – carry out passenger transportation exclusively within the country. Media Distancia;
  • long-distance – used for international traffic. Largo.

There are also trains that serve for tourism purposes. They are booked for sightseeing tours, memorable places and attractions. If you need to quickly see the suburbs or go on a long trip, you can choose such trains.

Main directions of the route

The central station opens up the possibility of travels to different destinations. The main routes remain trips to:

  • Tarragona and Madrid;
  • Portbow and Seville;
  • Paris and Milan;
  • Tortosa and Montpellier;
  • Zurich and Vilanova and others

To buy tickets you can go to the ticket office of the station or use the system of telephone booking seats.

Attention! To contact the operator and order a ticket, you need to dial +34-90-224-0202. You can use the page of the official resource – the site of the company Renfe.

Average ticket price

The travel by train across the country takes about 3-5 hours, in other countries you can get to 10-12 hours. For pleasure you have to pay such price:

  • to Madrid – about 37 €;
  • to Paris – from 110 €;
  • to Seville – within 80-85 €.

The train station provides information about train timetables, as well as the cost of tickets in Spanish and English. If the customer chooses to call the operator, they should be prepared to communicate in Spanish.

Electric trains and trains in Barcelona

The Sants Train Station offers to buy train tickets for several companies. They serve different destinations. The trains used for passenger transportation also differ.


This is the national network of Spanish companies offering train rides. They are used for travel to the regions of the country and Catalonia. Popular destinations are such as: Valencia, Madrid, Basque Country, Zaragoza, etc.

The total length of the roads exceeds 1.6 thousand kilometers.


A Catalan government company that operates several lines in the province. The company’s trains are often used on tourist routes and run in several destinations. Using the trains of the Catalan government, you can get to Girona, Tarragona, etc.

How to get there?

To get to the station, you should first find it on a map, and then decide on the transport and route. It is located at Carrer del Rector Triadó, 75.

To the railway junction departs metro trains (lines L3 and L5, exit at the stop Barcelona-Sants).

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