Where to leave luggage in Barcelona: overview of storage rooms


Luggage and hand luggage in Barcelona can be stored in special storage rooms, of which there are several in the city. This is a convenient service for tourists who want to walk around the picturesque city before leaving, or after arrival have not yet decided on accommodation. It is very difficult to carry things with you in such cases, and in the storage rooms provided in different parts of the city you can leave it for the right time, without worrying about the integrity and safety.

Sants Railway Station

The storage room is located near McDonald’s and can be used around the clock. Luggage is checked by an X-ray scanner before it can be placed in it. The lockers are guarded at all times. Only 100 of these lockers are available in different sizes:

  • the small ones are 80×60×40 cm in size and can hold small handbags at a cost of 3.60 euros;
  • large: 90×60×50 cm, it can hold a standard suitcase and costs 5 euros for storage.

The station is located on Pl. Paisos Estacio de Barselona Sants. It can be reached by:

  • metro using the L3 and L5 lines;
  • by RENFE and FGC train;
  • by bus no. 115, 109, 78, 32 and 27.

Locker Barcelona

This storage room are located right in the centre of Barcelona, on Plaça de Catalunya. The lockers are operated 24 hours a day, with video surveillance. After the luggage is placed in it, you have to come up with your own password, and after closing the lockers you have to check whether the door has closed. You can open the locker several times a day if you wish, and there is no extra charge for this. In winter, the cells are operated from 06:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The convenient location allows you to leave your luggage in one of the available 300 lockers and walk around the capital and its Gothic quarter before leaving. After the walk, take the shuttle bus to the airport.

There are three variants of lockers, the price of storage of things depends on the capacity, so:

  • The average locker (60×50×40) costs 4 euros;
  • A large locker (80×60×40) costs 6.5 euros;
  • very large (90×90×50) – 12 euros.

Payment for the lockers is done in the same way as in hotels, it is better to book in advance. If you need to keep your luggage longer, you can come and extend it, at the end of which you will have to pay extra for additional days.

Near the lockers there are places for storage of non-standard luggage: skis, guitars, bicycles and similar things, for which a fee of 10 euros is charged.

Locker Barcelona’s storage room is located at 36 Estruc, and can be accessed by underground and surface transport:

  • by bus: no. 141, V17, 58, 55, 45, 42, 41, 24, 17 and 6;
  • by train: FGC L7 and L6;
  • by airbus A1 and A2;
  • by metro using the L4, L3 and L1 lines.

Barcelona Nord

Luggage can be left at the northern bus station in the city. To find the lstorage room, you need to orientate yourself towards the icon in the form of a bag with a key or a suitcase, over which it will be written: “Consignas”. The lockers are located opposite the station, only 50 of which are in three sizes:

  1. Small (76.6×61.50×28), the price is 3.5 euros;
  2. Large (91.6×555.70×51.5) – 5.4 euros;
  3. High (2 meters high) – 4 pieces, it is possible to store skis and other oversized things, it costs 5.5 euros.

The initial charge for the locker occupied assumes that the luggage in it will be there for a day, the subsequent extension of its storage will require an additional fee. The lockers are locked with the key, and if they are lost, you will have to pay a penalty of 9 euros for the replacement. The maximum number of days for luggage storage is 15 days. Payment is made directly in the locker or through the employee’s locker.

The address of this bus station: 80 Calle de Ali Bei.

It can be reached by the following means of transport:

  • T4 tram, exit at the Estacio de Sant Adria stop;
  • bus no. 54, 40, 6, 42, 141, B21, B20, N11, exit at the Estacio del Nord stop;
  • train, you need to take lines 1,3 and 4;
  • metro (L1 line), exit at the ARC de Triomf station.

Barcelona Airport

It has two terminals T1 and T2, each with lockers. Storage rooms at Barcelona airport have a “Sonsignas” sign. Storage rooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Terminal 1 it can be found at zero level in the zone “‘La Plaza”, at Terminal T2 it is located in the same zone. The cost of storing things in lockers is:

  • for two hours – 6 euros;
  • for a day – 10 euros.

If you need to leave your luggage for a longer period of time, you will have to pay an additional 10 euros for each subsequent day. If the luggage is to be stored for more than a month, the administration has the right to transport it to the warehouse. The cost of transportation will be 44.5 euros and the storage of the luggage will cost 2.3 euros daily.

You can get to the airport on:

  • aerobus;
  • bus no. 46 and N17;
  • RENFE train, exit at Aeropuerto station.

Lockers in Barcelona are a convenient exit for tourists who do not know where to leave their belongings in a foreign country for a long time.

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