Center SUPYOGA in Barcelona


SUPYOGA or Paddle Board Yoga is the practice of yoga while stand up paddle surfing. This melding of disciplines will let you enjoy of a different kind of a Yoga lesson in a natural environment.

You will connect with yourself floating above the water and strengthening all your muscles due to the great workout of balance you will perform while practicing on an unstable surface.

You will improve your flexibility, balance, resistance and coordination skills and your ability to be in the present moment and you will also obtain an incredible feeling of peace and calmness.

Our experienced instructors adapt the lessons to the level of each student according to their previous skills and knowledge concerning Yoga.

If you want to live something different and you are looking for a new challenge, SUPYOGA will give you this unique experience you are seeking.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, we assure you that you will have an amazing lesson with us!

Moreover, we have the only specialized web in SUPYOGA lessons where you can manage your reservations in the easiest and fastest way. You will be able to see all our schedules and locations where you can enjoy our lessons, and you can also create an account as a user to be able to see and manage all your reservations!

You can find us in our exclusive and single location in Barcelona in the Club Patí de Vela Barcelona Moll de la Marina Street w/o No.

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