How to celebrate the New Year 2020 in Barcelona


The New Year’s celebration in another country is a fairytale one, and if you think about it all in advance and go to Spain, you can really believe in the beginning of a new life. What you can see in the New Year’s celebration in Barcelona in 2020 and where to meet the Christmas holidays, we will tell you in this article.

Catalan and Spanish traditions in New Year’s Eve

Each country has its own original festive beliefs and traditions that have been going on for thousands of years, and it is not necessary to stand out and neglect them when visiting other nationalities. After all, it will probably depend on how the whole year will be held. For a successful and fruitful year, it is necessary to observe some traditions, the action of which is carried out on the eve of Christmas holidays:

  • to eat 12 vineyards in time as the clock strikes twelve, they should not necessarily be with one bunch, but the number should be as specified, it is equal to 12 blows of hours;
  • to wear new red underwear, some believe this shade should be underwear to attract passionate love;
  • to put a gold piece of jewellery in a glass of champagne, so that a person can have a better material life in the new year;
  • to eat a national dish – chocolate or halvah with nuts, these sweets traditionally bring wealth and happiness to the house.

If a group of unmarried people go to Barcelona for New Year, they can take advantage of the fascinating New Year’s guessing of couples. The game is the following: all the girls and guys write down their names on the same sheets of paper. Two baskets are being prepared, one of them consists of female names, and the second – of men. Each of the present young people takes turns pulling a leaf, and when the names match, a pair is formed. There is an opinion that some of these couples get married afterwards.

Festive dinner

Going to Barcelona on New Year’s Eve you should think about where and with whom to celebrate. It may happen that there will be no more beds in the hotels you like, then you should use the services of realtors and rent an entire apartment for your family or friends. This is a great way out, because you can make everything look like home, but outside the window there will be another country, where after the clock strikes twelve and traditional champagne drinking you can visit exciting events.

If you wish, you can reserve a table in one of the restaurants for New Year in Barcelona, where you will definitely have a festive menu, but it will cost much more than usual dishes. All terms and conditions of reservation and payment of the table can be found by phone or online.

When choosing a traditional Italian cuisine is worth visiting such places as:

  • Casa Fuster is not far from the famous Diagonal Avenue. It is one of the most expensive places in the capital of Catalonia, and on its crown-shaped terrace there is a very interesting restaurant – it is the best in the city;
  • Els Quatre Gats, the ancient institution where Pablo Picasso loved to spend his time, hosted the first exhibition of this artist. The restaurant was opened in 1897. On the cover of the menu there is a photo of Picasso’s painting;
  • Palacio del Flamenco offers to celebrate 2020 in a truly Spanish style. In addition to a festive dinner, there is also a New Year’s Eve dancing program. The bar offers free drinks after a traditional grape meal. For dinner and entertainment, visitors pay separately;
  • Enigmatium is an original institution, which is known for its unique combination of dinner and performance, where the actors are the guests of the institution, and the roles will be distributed among each of them.

The New Year shows and events

Who doesn’t want to stay home on New Year’s Eve in the capital of Catalonia, should take advantage of the opportunity to attend various shows and events that take place here every year.

For the New Year, Barcelona is undergoing a transformation and this is particularly noticeable on Plaça de Catalunya, where an extensive entertainment program is organized, and at midnight all kinds of fireworks are exploding. In 2020, as in previous years, there will be performances with music.

The singing fountains near Mount Montjuic, an hour before the chimes fight, have a grand show that takes place on the stage of the History Museum in Catalonia, where there is a fusion of music, water and light.

If you walk into the coastal zone of the city you can see how to goes out and lights up the tallest tower of Agbar under the fight of the chimes, all 34 of its floors have a mirror surface, on which a light show begins afterwards.

New Year’s Eve Dance

The weather in Barcelona for the New Year is warm (daytime temperature can reach 15 degrees Celsius), but still dancing in the open air will be cool, so you should worry about buying tickets to the dance party.

Among the nightclubs where you can dance the whole New Year’s Eve is highlighted:

  • Mirablau is different from the rest of the city with its view from its windows. This elite club welcomes both big companies and romantic couples;
  • Shoko is the place to start spending the old year at night and stay up all night celebrating the new one. Located on the beach, it has a smooth transition from dinner to a beach party;
  • Razzmatazz is a large space for fun parties and has five large dance halls. Each of them has its own design, it has its own music, you can slowly move from hall to hall, in which case it will seem that a person is present at different parties in one building;
  • Elephan – we can say about him that this is a place for the chosen ones, as the club often hosts young people from rich families. When you get to this institution, you get as if in another dimension, its interior design is so colorful. The club is located in a small three-storey villa.

In addition to such reputable institutions you can visit the rousing party in the Spanish village, which is constantly organized New Year parties. They can offer regular tickets and VIP, if you buy the latter, it includes the cost of drinks and small lotteries gifts.

In order to plunge into the festive atmosphere of the city it will be enough just to go out on New Year’s Eve on the streets of the city to get into the carnival procession or crowded dancing, which can last all night, depending on the weather conditions.

New Year’s shopping

On a holiday it is possible not only to think how to have dinner in cafe and to buy every possible delicacies home, but also to make necessary purchases. After all, it is in the Christmas holidays in the country there are numerous promotions and you can buy well-known brands of shoes and clothing at favorable prices. You just need to plan your route through the shopping streets in advance, so that you don’t miss a single worthy shop.

If you don’t have the strength and time to book a table, think about New Year’s Eve entertainment for the whole family, then you should use the services of agencies that will help organize everything according to the wishes of all family members. Even young children will not be bored if they want to discuss in advance where they want to go and what kind of entertainment are set up.

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