The best hostels in Barcelona


Inexpensive hostels in Barcelona is a new but proven by hundreds of thousands of tourists option of budget holidays. By the way, nowadays most hotels of such plan are not inferior to hotels: a decent level of comfort is guaranteed, and feedback from hundreds of visitors leave no doubt that hostels are safe for tourists. It is easy to rent a hostel in Barcelona, and below we will present the most worthy and cheapest list of hostels.

1. Twenty Tú Hostel

Twenty Tú is one of the most comfortable and cheapest hostels in Barcelona. It is made in the style of “modern”, so that the design of rooms and common rooms looks modern. Special attention should be given to cleanliness: kitchen, dining room, rooms and corridors, nowhere to find a single dust. By the way, about the dining room: it is no worse than those in hotels with up to 4-star: daily buffet in the morning, as well as serving coffee is absolutely free.

Thanks to democratic prices, the people here are mostly young. It’s rare to see anyone over thirty. It is very interesting to visit this place, because every evening the guests gather together and organize interesting shows: for example, periodic concerts of live music take place right on the roof terrace. They have not forgotten about the Internet here as well: wi-fi is free, and if you don’t have a computer with you, it’s not a problem. One of the rooms has something like a computer club. Anyone can use local equipment, of course, without paying for it.

Rooms at the Twenty Tú

The rooms are always clean and cozy, thanks to the daily cleaning, and also have individual bathrooms and lockers. Of the 62 beds available here, you can choose between a shared bed and a more individual bed (a total of 4 beds in a room). There is no need to worry about bedding and towels: clean linen will be next to the bed and towels can be rented.

Where is Twenty Tú?

Twenty Tú is located quite successfully, not far from Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, at 114 Pamplona Street. Although it’s not exactly the centre of the city, the surrounding area will be a great place to brighten up your boring leisure time. A 15-minute walk will take you to the Nova Icaria beach (by the way, one of the best beaches in Barcelona). The most popular nightclubs in the capital of Catalonia, Pacha and Opium, are also within walking distance. There are plenty of restaurants in the area, where delicious dishes are cooked. And if you decide to explore the city as a whole, taking the metro at Marina station you can easily get to the right area. As already mentioned, the cost of booking it is low. By the way, these prices for a hostel in Barcelona can be lowered! Thanks to the promotions and discounts on our website, ordering a room online you can benefit from 20%!

2. WOW Hostel

Stylish WOW hostel is waiting for new guests all year round. It can interest absolutely all groups of people: from young people to adults who want to spend a reasonable amount of money on vacation. It is especially great for families: 3-4 people will easily rent a separate room, with its own bathroom and balcony. In the morning in the dining room you can find freshly prepared buns with drinks for every taste. In the evening entertainment includes billiards, as well as a huge TV.

Rooms at WOW

Of the 32 rooms available in the building, everyone can choose the one you like. Whether it’s a shared room or a room for 3-4 people, it’s up to you to decide on the best price. Because of this, small rooms are often busy, so we recommend booking them online. This is especially easy to do on our website: a couple of clicks, and a place in the hostel of Barcelona is booked. By the way, only here you can find discounts of up to 50 percent!

Where is WOW Hostel?

Sant Gervasi is a magnificent quarter with many restaurants serving unrealistically delicious dishes. We especially recommend paella, which is the only place in the region where it has such a unique taste. In addition to bars and cafes, there are many shops where you can find everything from souvenirs to designer items. If you want to get to the other end of the city, you need to go to a stop just a couple of meters from the main entrance. The address of WOW is 578 Diagonal Avenue.

3. Coroleu House Hostel

Coroleu House is especially appreciated by tourists due to its good-natured host. A man named Jose Maria (owner of the place) is very hospitable. He always helps new guests to get used to it: he tells them where to eat and what to see in the area. By the way, the hostel does not even have a reception. Its absence only adds comfort and makes the atmosphere homelike.


Coroleu House has only four of them. One double, two for 4 persons and one for 6 persons. Each of the rooms is equipped with air conditioning and heating during the winter season. Clean linens can be taken from the owner, as well as towels. The bathrooms have only two rooms and the other two have a balcony.

Where is Coroleu House?

In the sleeping area. It’s the best place for a hostel to be. Every day it is quiet and calm. There are no crowds of ubiquitous tourists, as well as drinking establishments. Only local people live in San Andreu, so it is the best place to feel at home in Spain. However, there is a disadvantage. To get to the beach or to the center of the metropolis, you have to take a bus or metro ride. It takes 15 minutes to get to the centre, and all 30 minutes to the beach.

The best option is the Live Barcelona Hostal

This hostel is a treasure for every tourist. It is not even a hostel in the classical sense of the term. Live Barcelona is just a private room. Prices are very low and the service is similar to a hotel with approximately 3-star. Here it is clean and tidy. Author’s interior design, made in the style of modernism only adds Spanish charm to the hotel.

Rooms in Live Barcelona

The hostel has 17 rooms, each of which is individual. Each has a free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and shower. If you come with a family or girl, book a double or triple room. More expensive options have a private balcony. Cleaning is done every day. But there is also a minus – rooms are booked very quickly. Available rooms are rarely found at the Hostels in Barcelona are popular with tourists and are best booked in advance.

The location of Live Barcelona

Live Barcelona is located in the best place, not far from the center. The most popular attractions, as well as Plaça de Catalunya, can be reached on foot. It will take you up to 15 minutes to get there and if you’ve already seen the whole centre, it’s no problem. The stops, which are just a few steps away from the hostel, are connected with all corners of the metropolis. One of the stops even goes to the airport, which makes the way to the hostel even easier. The largest bars, clubs and restaurants in the area are located on the next street: Enrique Granados. There’s plenty to eat during the day, and there’s lots to do at night.

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