4-star hotels in central Barcelona


The best hotels in Barcelona are not always the most expensive. In the area of the Old Town there are great 4-star hotels. They are very comfortable and cozy, and the close proximity to the sea will perfectly brighten up the leisure of any tourist. By the way, absolutely every 4-star hotel in the center of Barcelona has a standard “set of comfort”. It necessarily includes a gym, daily breakfasts, composed mainly of local dishes, as well as a rooftop pool.

Excellent Condes Hotel in central Barcelona

Condes Barcelona is the best 4-star hotel in central Barcelona. It is located in a 19th century building right on Gracia Avenue, one of the most popular streets in the city.

All the prestigious buildings in the center have their own patio, and Condes Barcelona is no exception. Most of the rooms have a window overlooking it, which gives the hotel an extra charm.

The terrace offers a magnificent view of the city: you can see the creations of Antonio Gaudi: Casa Mila, as well as the legendary Sagrada Familia. And how nice it is to have a cup of coffee in the morning, admiring these masterpieces!

The hotel is most suitable for those who go on a romantic journey. The uniquely soft atmosphere will only add colour to your leisure time.

Negresco Princess 4* Sup in Barcelona

This hotel is for those who want to get everything at once, practically not moving anywhere. Plaça de Catalunya can be seen from the roof of the building, and it takes about two minutes to get there. Cafes and bars are within walking distance, but very few tourists living in the Negresco Princess use it.

The fact is that the hotel already has a luxury restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious meal. In addition to it you can find in the hotel building a sauna, sports center, swimming pool, as well as a place for sunbathing.

The services provided by Negresco Princess do not end there: each room has a free bar, and a lot of cosmetics, provided again at the expense of the hotel.

Catalonia Ramblas 4* Sup in the heart of Barcelona

The name of the hotel is a direct indication of its location. Las Ramblas is the street where you can find it. Advantages are the proximity to the centre, an outdoor swimming pool, recreation areas, beauty salons, massage baths, as well as a sauna and fitness room.

Each room also has its own range of services: free internet, food and beverage delivery, air conditioning and much more. Usually, this hotel is chosen by women’s companies, but it can also be a great choice for a romantic trip.

Hotel Avenida Palace in the city center

This hotel will immediately draw attention to itself, which, however, is not surprising. The building is ancient and the design of the facade was made by famous architects of that time. It is located on Gran Via (from where it takes 5 minutes to get to Plaça de Catalunya).

Especially majestically old mansion looks inside: monumental columns made of pure marble, as well as a grandiose staircase, rushing upwards.

Only one phrase can describe the service and comfort level of Avenida Palace: in 1965 the group Beatles, who came to Spain on tour, stayed in this 4-star hotel. All the participants considered this hotel to be one of the best in Barcelona.

Catalonia Passeig de Gracia 4* Sup in Barcelona

This hotel primarily focuses on the comfort of its visitors. The building, built in 1928, does not boast of any architectural research, but is able to provide a service worthy of all five stars.

It was easy to guess that the hotel is located on Paseo de Gracia Boulevard. This is the heart of the city, from here you can get to the nearby attractions, and take any bus (or metro).

If you decide to buy a slightly more expensive room, it will have a private terrace. This is very convenient for those who prefer to spend the morning outdoors alone. In short, the Catalonia Passeig de Gracia is simply for those who go to the capital of Catalonia to learn more about it.

Hotel booking in Barcelona

Prices for 4-star hotels in downtown Barcelona are not as low as tourists would like. But there is one trick: ordering tickets online is a good way to save money. We have discounts and promotions on our website all year round, which will help you to book a room much cheaper.

By the way, online booking is a great guarantee that you will be accommodated in a hotel. It is not uncommon for unprepared tourists to come to the capital of Catalonia with the horror of discovering that all 4-star hotels in Barcelona in the city center are overcrowded.

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