Ferrari Land Park in Salou and its thrilling rides


More recently, in 2017, Spain hosted the grand opening of the “Country of Ferrari” theme park. It was erected right in the entertainment complex “PortAventura”. The Ferrari Land is a continuation of a huge park that already has two others with its own themed stories, but it complements these with its special involvement in the world of racing.

Prerequisites for opening

Ferrari Land Park in Spain is a story that begins with the history of the brand and continues to grow into an industry giant. It is opened in memory of the founder of Ferrari– Enzo. The opening ceremony was attended by Piero Ferrari, his son, who announced that such park will be able to introduce young people to Ferrari and give them the opportunity to communicate with their idols.

The Ferrari Land costs more than 100 million euros to set up, a large amount that has been paid not only by national Spanish companies, but also by foreign companies. The park is designed for 5 million visitors a year.

Features of visiting Ferrari Park

As it is located in the complex “PortAventura”, it is best to take tickets to visit two parks at once. Tickets are equally priced online and at the ticket offices in the park. For an adult ticket to two parks is 70 euros, and for a child it costs 60 euros.

If you spend a little more and pay 95 euros, you can not only enjoy the attractions of “PortAventura” and “Ferrari Land”, but also visit the water park called “Caribe Aquatic Park”.

Children up to three years of age can visit the park free of charge, and their parents can also use the storage rooms for children’s items and pushchairs, which will make it easier for them to move around the park.

The park is open from 10: 00 a.m. until 08:00 p.m. At the entrance, security can check personal belongings, as food and dangerous items cannot be brought into the park. It occupies more than 70 thousand m2, it has not only a cafe, but also shops where you can buy souvenirs and various knick-knacks related to the brand “Ferrari”. Around it there are many hotels, so that tourists could visit this place as many times as they want.

The visitors of the park will be able not only to get acquainted with the history of the brand “Ferrari”, but also to ride on roller coaster, to feel the speed on the simulator of Formula 1, to show their skills in the form of mechanics on the pit-stop, as well as to visit other no less fascinating attractions. You can spend the whole day in the park.

The park attractions

Among the many entertaining corners of the park, the following attention is drawn to itself:

Red Force

It is recognized as the most grandiose attraction of the park, these roller coasters rise above the ground at 112 meters, it accelerates in 5 seconds up to 180 km/h, which is why it is considered the fastest in Europe.

The length of the track is only 880 meters, which at this speed is overcome in 30 seconds. Only children above 140 cm are allowed on this attraction. For those who did not dare to try this miracle, it is provided to enjoy the emotions of people riding it, on a wide screen installed in front of the track, there are special seats for this.

Maranello Grand Race

The racetrack is 570 meters long. It is equipped with cars that make you feel like a Formula 1 racer. Along the track there are red-white tires and signs with various advertising slogans, which brings the miniature square closer to the adult tracks.

Future racers can immediately ask all their questions to experienced instructors, who will be ready to talk about the various nuances of racing, as well as car driving and traffic rules not only on the track, but also on the roads in real life.

Thrill towers

The tall 60-metre high tower, which seats 3 people on four sides, is securely fixed in the armchairs, as the attraction is a piston work. Firstly, this tower is lifted people up at low speed, and then as if they are thrown down, this action takes place so abruptly and unexpectedly that a person feels weightless. Kids above 130 cm are allowed on the tower.

Junior Championship

One of the attractions for the smallest “racers”, for them miniature copies of “Ferrari” are prepared, which are installed on platforms with small wheels. In fact, it is very similar to a steam train, but when the child turns, he will feel that his car is carried away like an adult car on the ice.

In addition, the park has a variety of themed entertainment for children, which involves cars, as well as merry-go-rounds, so that the little ones will have a place to have fun.

Flying Dreams

It offers an interactive tour around the world and individual cities, during which visitors get acquainted with the history of the brand, but you can’t take pictures in this building.


The Ferrari Land Park, located in PortAventura, is an hour’s drive from Barcelona. More specifically, in Salou near Tarragona. The exact address: Avinguda de l’Alcalde Pere Molas, km 2 | Vila-seca. You can get the rates and the time of work from the administration of the park by phone: +34 902 20 22 20.

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