What to bring from Barcelona as a souvenir or gift


While walking in Barcelona, any tourist can see a lot of unusual things for themselves. And, of course, in any case, you want to buy something as a souvenir to keep the memory of visiting the amazing capital of Catalonia. In addition to the standard magnets on the fridge and postcards, you can find more original things that can be presented as a gift to relatives, friends, colleagues and relatives. Let’s consider in detail what exactly from Barcelona it is possible to bring for yourself, the child or parents.

Shopping in Barcelona is notable for its wide range of gifts of any type and at any price, as well as for its numerous, there are over 30,000 of outlets in the city. In addition to the standard shopping malls, both expensive and quite cheap souvenirs in this city offer a variety of boutiques, shops and markets.

Before shopping, you should make a list of planned purchases, which may include souvenirs from Barcelona for parents, children, friends and, of course, something interesting for yourself.

For yourself

What is the most common thing that you can bring from Barcelona?


Design lovers will definitely enjoy the wide selection of boutiques in Barcelona. This city is often called one of the centers of European fashion. There is a wide range of high quality exclusive clothing. Most original clothing is sold in the Born district. On its streets you can find products of famous Spanish and other brands. There are also a lot of shops offering products of young fashion designers.

Leather products

Barcelona is also famous for its leather goods. Here you can buy quality boots or stylish shoes. To save money, you can limit yourself to a small bag or purse. Belt or flask, which are marked with Spanish symbols – also a good option to buy for many years.


Women should definitely get acquainted with Spanish cosmetics, especially with product lines made of natural materials. It is possible to bring a delicate lotion, fragrant soap, cream and other similar products for care from Barcelona.

For the children

You can buy a toy lizard (the symbol of Barcelona) for a child in this city. Such souvenir will be to the liking of both the baby and the older child. Another symbol of the capital of Catalonia – Catalan donkey, often depicted on T-shirts, mugs and dishes for children.

Ceramic donkeys and bulls with toreadors are sold in almost any souvenir shop. These figures can successfully decorate the interior of the baby room, combining this function with the ability to be an interesting toy and at the same time a memorable thing. The cost of them begins with 5 euros.

Little fashionistas can be very fond of ” Munich ” sneakers. However, these shoes are quite expensive – it costs at least 50 euros.

Sweet toothpaste can be brought from Catalonia with delicious chocolate products purchased from a local Xocolata store. The baby can be delighted with chocolate on a stick. This delicacy is very convenient to put in a cup filled with hot milk. In addition, a variety of chocolate figurines and original chocolate containing rosemary are available in the city. The cost of 100 grams of this delicacy is an average of 5 euros.

Another suitable children’s gift from Barcelona is local sweets with almonds and honey, called “Turron”. This dessert is produced as hard and soft.

For parents

A suitable souvenir for parents – Spanish products, highly valued by gourmets all over the world.

Meat delicacies

The most popular product in this category is the jamón, which is a smoked pork leg that can be preserved for a long time, so it is well tolerated and does not spoil on the way. It is sold in all grocery stores – both as whole pieces and as a finished cut. The price of one portion of jamón is at least 8 euros.

Other famous Spanish delicacies are pork sausages: chorizo and fuet. Sausages are best made in Vic, near Barcelona. Sold in Xalos butchers, the price starts at 10 euros per 1 kg.

Spanish cheeses

This is a very useful and delicious product that you can bring as a gift to your dad or mom. The cheeses are beautifully packaged and contain natural spices. Local goat milk cheese is the most valued cheese.

Sauce from Catalonia

If you try at least once a local sauce, you will definitely want to bring it home for yourself and your parents. After all, you can cook Spanish cuisine at home even more deliciously with it. For example, spicy herbal garlic sauce “Aioli” is suitable for bread.

Olive oil

Olive oil produced in Spain is famous all over the world. The dishes that are cooked on it are extremely tasty, and for salads most suitable varieties with low acid content. The price of a bottle of high-quality oil starts at 6 euros.


This is a very useful gift – local wicker sandals offered in shoe shops and souvenirs. The range includes both modern and classic espadrillas. Average price of a pair is 30 euros, but sometimes it costs 15.


From Barcelona you can bring many kinds of souvenirs for your colleagues and friends. First of all, it should be an original thing that is not found in any store in Spain. Magnets for refrigerators, mugs and postcards are standard souvenirs and they are unlikely to surprise anyone. However, things that are somehow connected with the Catalan culture, will be perfect as an original gift for loved ones.


Somebody with a passion for dancing will definitely like it. This instrument is an attribute of flamenco dance and generally hot temperament of the Spaniards. The average cost of this subject is 10 euros.

Sports stuff

A good gift for a husband, brother or male colleague is an item with FC Barcelona symbols. Such things are realized almost everywhere. The range of branded stores offers a variety of T-shirts and balls, scarves and jackets, key chains and mugs and other products, which is applied to the logo of the famous club.

Souvenir, which was bought in the homeland of the famous Spanish club, will be appreciated by both fans and those who just periodically watch football matches on TV. You can even visit the Museum of FC Barcelona and buy a souvenir right in it. You can also order a personal engraving that gives things an individual character. However, it is not a very cheap service (the average cost is 100 euros).


A nice, elegant gift for a lady is a Spanish fan. This is not only a means of protection against heat, but also a beautiful accessory that successfully complements the feminine image.


Catalan lace is also a worthy gift for a modern fashionista. At the same time, the price of one cut can vary in a very wide range – from 5 euros to 500 (this is determined by the quality of the material).

Gaudi style souvenirs

Gaudi is an outstanding architect, famous all over the world, that’s why the souvenir containing copies of his creations will be appreciated even by people who are not connected with architecture at all. Examples of such souvenirs are lizard figures from Park Güell and tea mugs designed in Gaudi style. In addition, a good gift – a book about the great architect.

Porron wine jug

The wine jug called “Porron” in Catalonia is an elegant yet practical gift. Its appearance is almost identical to that of an ordinary wine bottle, but it is cast in its original shape. Our compatriots will love the fact that traditionally, the wine is drunk directly from the throat of the porron.

Alcoholic beverages

In the capital of Catalonia there are wines of quite decent quality for only 10 euros per bottle. More expensive drinks are quite suitable as a gift for the bosses or business partners. It is better to buy such products in special alcoholic boutiques – there are never fakes there, and the consultant will always help with the choice of a drink.

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