Overview of popular supermarkets in Barcelona


Visiting Spain, first of all tourists get acquainted with the goods offered in shops. If suddenly there is a need to buy something, it is better to look for large shops where there is hope to get discounts. In Barcelona supermarkets offer inexpensive replenishment of almost all the products that you can buy at affordable prices.

The most popular supermarkets of the city

Naturally, small shops do not have such a wide range of products as in hypermarkets, moreover, in the latter very often there are discounts of the week or a particular day.


This chain is especially popular not only among locals, but also among tourists. It has the lowest prices for food, cosmetics, household goods and basic necessities. In Mercadon is always fresh and quality products, there is its own delightful baking, a huge selection of marine creatures, which are delivered to the shops of this chain every day.

Hypermarkets of this brand are impressive in their scale and area, some of which are two floors high.

You can buy everything you need in Mercadona online, the selected goods will be brought free of charge, it is amazing that the administration of the store does everything possible for its customers. So, any buyer in case of heavy luggage, in order not to carry it home on his own, can arrange delivery of purchased items to his address for free.

If you look at the map, you can see that the chain is quite extensive, in each district of the city there are from 3 to 4 of its shops.


It is a chain of French supermarkets that covers many areas of Barcelona. The most gigantic of which is at Calle Llacuna, 155, and there is also a representative on the main street (Las Ramblas). In this chain stores can occupy two floors, where products and French goods are much cheaper than in other outlets. For those who want to save money, it is worth looking for price tags and offers: “two products for the price of one”. These discounts may apply not only to products, but also to other products, such as gardening equipment, kitchen utensils and clothing, although such things are presented here in a small assortment.

At the entrance to the hypermarket there is a pharmacy and a counter with discounted products, which can be purchased at half price. You should be careful not to spend money on hopelessly spoiled goods. Freshly baked goods, squeezed juice or paella are served right at the entrance to the shop.


It’s a low-cost chain of supermarkets in Barcelona. Translation of the name of the store sounds like a “day” and it is not an accident, every day it reduces the price of a particular brand of goods. The size of the store is much smaller than Mercadona, but contains everything you need, albeit in limited quantities. Most marine products are frozen.

After the purchase in the “Dia” supermarket, a check will be issued with a guaranteed discount for a certain brand of goods, which can be used in the next visit to the store.


It is one of the cheapest supermarkets in Barcelona, where you can buy goods at a price even lower than in Mercadona. The shop offers cheap fruits, milk products, meat and fish delicacies in any form. In addition to food, you can buy goods for work and leisure in the open air, various clothing and household appliances.

For those who want to taste the national cuisine of this country, it is desirable to get to the special days, when visitors are introduced to the dishes of the peoples of the world. In addition, “Liddle” has its own bakery, where you can buy products not only Spanish, but also German confectioners.


This chain of supermarkets is somewhat similar to Dia, and there are also discounts on certain brands of products that can be applied to the next purchase. But in Caprabot, prices are higher than in other hypermarkets. The chain offers all the necessary products, pleases with dairy products, but it is impossible to buy fresh fish in it.

In this shop there is a regular action, when the customer can get discount coupons to visit the sights of the capital and the cinema.

Al campo

It can be said that it is one of the three most popular hypermarkets in the capital of Catalonia. It contains almost any desired item and foodstuffs. In the retail market there are goods for all occasions: electronics, accessories for country houses and leisure outdoors, clothing. That is, everything that may be needed not only for tourists, but also wishing to stay in this country.

In “Al campo” there is a large selection of foodstuffs. When you get to the huge territory of this store, it is difficult to restrain yourself and not to buy anything. It is located on Avda. Diagonal Mar #15.

How do supermarkets work?

Hypermarkets in Barcelona can be visited on any day except Sunday, which is it’s day off. Almost every one of the shops is open until 09:30 p.m. and there is no lunch. In order to get to one of the shops you can ask about the shortest way from the locals, in each area there are several cheap supermarkets in walking distance.

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